5 Of The Best Ways To Find Cheaper Wedding Centrepieces

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5 Of The Best Ways To Find Cheaper Wedding Centrepieces

Wedding centrepieces play a major role adding life to reception tables and keeping your chosen theme going. Centrepieces are where you can unleash your creativity when it comes to flower arrangements and adding non-floral accents that would leave an impression on your guests.

However, choosing the right materials for centrepieces can be daunting, especially when the flowers and accents you want to incorporate come with hefty price tags. Finding cheaper wedding centrepieces then is a must if you want to stick to your budget. Good thing there are ways to cut costs without sacrificing style so that you can have the centrepieces that go well with your theme and are friendly to your pocket.

Go online

You can find many budget-friendly options from online wedding suppliers and flower delivery services. These companies have a detailed list of available centrepieces you can purchase in bulk, plus you can filter search results according to price. The great thing about shopping for wedding centrepieces online is that you can see a wide variety of designs and styles right from where you are, saving you time searching. What’s more, you can use coupons and vouchers to get discounts on your purchase! Here is a good place to get a deal on Serenata Flowers:http://www.totaldiscounts.co.uk/shop/serenata-flowers/

Check out the venue’s packages

If you’ve already booked a venue, check and see if it comes with table centrepieces. Most of the time they already do have that factored in the cost of the venue, so take advantage of it. Some venues also keep centrepieces from previous weddings that they let other couples use for free, so simply ask—and you shall receive.
Use used.

You may know someone (or someone who knows someone) who has centrepiece materials stashed away after her wedding. You can ask if you can use those for your own reception. Some folks would gladly give them away, or sell them for a cheaper price. You can then repurpose these centrepieces and arrange them according to your own wedding theme. Another practical idea is to look into wedding supply rentals that provide pre-arranged centrepieces at a fraction of the cost of new ones. You can always customize these to suit your theme.

Explore the flea market

For unique accents and centrepiece materials, head out to local flea markets for some good finds. Baubles, vases, old books, wooden boxes, vintage picture frames, and a variety of other low-cost knickknacks are just some of the things you can find that can add a hint of nostalgia to your reception tables. You don’t always have to rely on flowers to make centrepieces look attractive, so think out of the box and explore.
Have fun with DIY.

If you want truly unique centrepieces, you don’t have to spend so much on them because you can make them yourself. There are many DIY centrepiece ideas online and you’ll surely have some of your own once you see there are so many designs you can do. Just order bunches of cut flowers online or buy them at the farmer’s market, get some other materials you can easily find at the stationery store or at home, and get creative! Get your friends and bridesmaids involved and make it a bonding activity everyone will enjoy.

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