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Beauty Expert specialises in providing beauty products focusing on skin and hair care. The company has a wide range of product types which you can get at discounted prices using our Beauty Expert voucher codes, including dermatologist-developed treatments as well as organic products that have been tried and tested by scientists themselves.

Beauty Expert also offers a dedicated advice line so customers can get expert advice about which products to buy—after all, everyone’s skin and hair type is different. Thanks to the company’s diverse product line-up, you can be sure to find something that’s specifically developed for you.

Beauty Expert assures customers that it doesn’t sell so-called “grey market” items, or products that have been discounted because they are nearing expiration or have already expired. This means that all of the products you see on their site—including those covered by our coupon codes—are new from manufacturers and of superior quality to make sure that your skin will only get the best and most efficient treatment possible.

Shoppers’ Guide

Beauty Expert voucher code
When it comes to skin and hair care, Beauty Expert has it all, from moisturisers and makeup to bath oils and beauty tools. Let’s take a closer look at what the company has in store to give you a better idea about where you can use our Beauty Expert discount codes.

Skin Care

One of the things you should never go without when it comes to skin care is sunscreen, which protects you from harmful UV rays that damage the skin and speed up the aging process. Beauty Expert has a slew of sunscreen and sun protection products from trusted brands such as Ole Henriksen, Murad and Decleor. Add these to your beauty arsenal and you can say buh-bye to sun damage forever. Other products in this category include cleansers, exfoliators, eye treatments, face masks, tinted moisturisers and anti-ageing creams.


Enhance your natural appeal with Beauty Expert’s makeup collection consisting of top brands such as Zelens, Shiseido and Elizabeth Arden. No matter how simple or special your makeup routine is, the company has everything you’ll need to help you look glam. Get our voucher codes and choose from a wide variety of blushers, bronzers, eyeliners, foundation, mascaras and lipsticks in your favourite shades.

Beauty Tools

When you need the right tool for the job, head on over to Beauty Expert and take your pick from its collection of nail care tools, hair straighteners, makeup brushes and other stuff that will make looking good all the more easier.

Hair Care

For your crowning glory, you’ll never go wrong with using hair and scalp treatments from Christophe Robin, L’Oréal Professionnel, Kerastase and other top brands you’ll find at Beauty Expert. The company has several shampoos, conditioners, oils, styling products and even supplements to help keep your hair healthy, shiny and tangle-free!

Body Care

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of the body? This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to set aside a big budget when taking care of it, however. With our voucher codes, you can give your body the pampering it needs from head to toe with Beauty Expert’s line of body care products. Whether you would like to refresh yourself with moisturising bath scrubs and gels, indulge in luxuriously fragrant body oils and creams or both, you can do whatever you want, as much as you want with our money-saving Beauty Expert discount codes.

French Pharmacy

For those with ultra-sensitive skin, Beauty Expert has brought in hypoallergenic skin care products developed and recommended by dermatologists and other health care professionals. Get specialist care and treatment from some of the best French brands known for their products for sensitive skin: Vichy, Roger & Gallet and La Roche-Posay.

That’s not all. Beauty Expert also has fragrances, travel kits and gift sets you can purchase for yourself or as a gift. Don’t forget to use our coupon codes to score some great beauty deals every time you shop!

Fun Couponing Facts

Beauty Expert makes it effortless to get healthy skin all day, every day. Using premium products doesn’t mean paying a high price however, as our Beauty Expert promo codes will assure you of big savings on your favourite skin care products—especially sunscreen!

Why sunscreen?
Sunscreen and other forms of skin sun protection are the products that most people take for granted, especially on a cloudy day or in rainy weather. People think that since there’s no visible sun, they can skip the sunscreen. The truth of the matter is that even if the sun doesn’t look to be shining brightly—or at all—the sun’s ultraviolet rays are still going to be there. In fact, clouds can even intensify UV rays!

According to dermatologists, up to 80 percent of these ultraviolet rays can penetrate clouds and there are two types of UV rays that reach the ground and affect our skin. The first one, UVA rays, can pass through smog and even glass, and are the ones to blame for wrinkling and skin ageing. The other type, UVB rays, are the ones that cause immediate skin damage—these are the UV rays that cause sunburn.

This is why it’s important to always wear sun protection, no matter what the weather is like. Beauty Expert’s collection of sun protection products offers anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle solutions for any weather, and with our voucher codes you can get various kinds at discounted prices. The products come at different SPF levels, or ability to protect against UV rays.

As you can see from Beauty Expert’s line of sunscreens, there are many types of sun protection you can use—it would all depend on how much sun exposure you’re expecting. Dermatologists recommend getting a broad-spectrum sunscreen that offers protection against both types of UV rays.

There are also products such as tinted moisturisers and body creams that already have at least SPF 15 sun protection in them and these will do for everyday activities, such as your daily commute where you don’t really spend too much time out in the sun. However, if you spend a lot of time outdoors or are planning a trip to the beach, you will need water-resistant sunscreen with a higher SPF. Check out
Beauty Expert’s range of sunscreens and use our coupon codes to get what you need.

In which phase of your makeup routine should you put on sunscreen? If your sunscreen is an active component of your moisturiser, put it on after cleansing and toning. Otherwise, apply it after putting on your moisturiser. Allow it to be absorbed into your skin before putting on makeup, and you’re good to go!

Visit Beauty Expert today and choose a sunscreen that will help you look younger and protect you against skin cancer. Use our Beauty Expert voucher codes on your purchase and you can get money off your next purchase, fab discounts and even free gifts!

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