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Live BOTB promo and discount codes for 2017

BOTB, or Best of the Best, is a company that gives auto lovers the chance to win the car of their dreams through its weekly competitions. With our BOTB voucher codes and some sound judgment on your part, you too will have the chance to drive that car you’ve always wanted for as low as £3 a ticket!

The company started in 1999 and launched its first competition at Heathrow Airport. Up for grabs was a Porsche 911, one of the most popular sports cars of all time. William Hindmarch, the founder and CEO of BOTB, says that his motivation for starting BOTB was his love for cars, which was developed at a young age. It was his desire to own a top-notch car, but not being able to afford one, he came up with an idea that would let people like him have the chance of acquiring the car that they always wanted for a small amount of money.

Since then, the company has expanded to more airports in the UK and online, allowing more people to join in the fun. Don’t miss out and click on our coupon codes today so you too can experience the thrill of using your skill to score the four-wheeled baby of your dreams!

Shoppers’ Guide

BOTB voucher code
If you’ve ever wanted to have a Jaguar, Maserati or an Aston Martin like James Bond, let our BOTB promo codes show you the way and you can be one of the more than 330 people worldwide who have won their dream car. You can choose from more than 180 of the best cars in the world, and your favourite will surely be among them. There’s a guaranteed winner every week! Joining is simple—let us show you how.

How to enter the competition

You can purchase tickets at the company’s shopping centre or airport stands but for convenience you can also buy them online via our voucher codes. The cost of the tickets will depend on the vehicle model you would like to win—it can go from £3 to £20. The more tickets you buy, the greater your chances of winning! You can purchase up to 150 tickets for each competition round. Just add tickets to your shopping basket for the car you want, play Spot the Ball and then proceed to checkout. If it’s your first time playing, you will be required to create an account at the company’s website.

What exactly is Spot the Ball?

Spot the Ball is a game of skill where you have to make an intelligent guess. Under UK law, companies are legally obliged to determine competition winners using a game of skill, and not via raffle or lottery draw. In this game, you will be shown an image of a sports scene where the ball is missing, and you have to use your logical skill to determine where you think the centre of the missing ball should be. To be more exact, BOTB’s Spot the Ball game makes use of x and y coordinates to place the centre of the ball in your chosen spot.

Who decides the winner?

A panel of judges consisting of professionals in the sports industry are tapped at the end of each competition round to offer their expert opinion on where the centre of the ball would be. The person who submits coordinates closest to those provided by the panel of judges wins. An independent lawyer is always present to make sure that the judging process is transparent, fair, honest and audited. Judging is done every Monday and the winner will be handed over the keys to his or her new car come Tuesday or Wednesday. The results of the competition are posted on BOTB’s website ASAP and contestants will also receive notification emails. If ever you don’t win but come close, you may also earn Game Credits as reward, so just keep on playing and use our BOTB voucher codes to get discounts on your tickets!

Fun Couponing Facts

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Winning a supercar worth £145,000 may sound too good to be true, but it CAN happen—just ask one of the many winners who have been given the keys to their dream cars. Some of the winners won after many tries, while others didn’t even think they would win after playing once.

Need more convincing? BOTB is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a fully audited company. It fully owns the cars just waiting to be won, and all it takes for you to get these for yourself is to purchase tickets using our BOTB voucher codes and use your good judgment in playing Spot the Ball.

Our discount codes will let you purchase any 10 tickets for any car that you like and get a whopping 40% off on all of them. This means you’ll pay less to get more chances of winning that coveted Aston Martin! Another promo that we have for you lets you receive £5 in game credits when you refer a friend—that’s a free chance to play just by getting someone to sign up for the competition.

A little investment definitely goes a long way if you were to ask past competition winners, such as a butcher who won an Audi RS3 in July 2016. He had played for the car a few times as it’s his ultimate dream car. His winning ticket cost £2.75—even if he bought 10 of those tickets without using coupon codes, that would translate to just £27.50 for a car worth nearly £40,000. The best part? The sports car came with £10,000 in cash!

In May, a couple from Surrey made headlines when each of them won a supercar from a BOTB draw. The wife won a Mercedes GLE63-S AMG Coupe, worth £95,000, seven months after her husband had won a McLaren 540C worth £125,000. Each of them was also given a year’s worth of free petrol and £10,000 in cash. The wife was extremely surprised and said she couldn’t believe they had won the McLaren, and now the Mercedes. Her husband—who had never even seen a McLaren in the flesh— had bought a ticket for Spot the Ball in October 2015 costing just £16.

You too can win your own dream car. To increase your chances of winning, make sure you purchase discounted tickets via our promo codes, or join BOTB’s Supercharged Club, where members receive exclusive benefits such as extra game credits and access to the free Superdrives competition. To enter, simply play in six Dream Car Competitions over the course of 12 months.

Once you qualify for membership, you’ll only need to play every three months. As a new member, you will receive a free ticket to win your dream car, with 10 cars to choose from including a Jaguar F-Type V6S, a Porsche Cayenne Turbo and a Maserati Granturismo S. You will also get a free monthly entry for the Superdrives contest, an extra 25% in-game credit when you get close to the winning Spot the Ball coordinates and a one-to-one lesson on driving your new car when you win!

Get started on winning your dream car—buy tickets with our BOTB voucher codes today!

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