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DrinkSupermarket.com is one of the UK’s leading independent retailers of alcoholic beverages, offering a wide range of high-quality wines, beers, spirits and more. If you need bubbly for a special occasion—or for no occasion at all—you can use our DrinkSupermarket coupon codes to get the perfect bottle (or bottles) at great prices. What’s more, you can also receive free gifts with your orders!

DrinkSupermarket stocks a wide range of beverages, from the world’s most popular ales to delicate champagne and superlative whiskies anyone would be proud to have in their minibar. The company touts to have drinks that will suit every mood, meal and occasion, and promptly delivers the next day no matter how many bottles you’ve ordered.

Delivery is free for orders exceeding £250—a fantastic incentive to get started on your holiday shopping! The company also offers a gift service, where you can choose for your drinks to be gift wrapped and include a personalised message. Proof of the company’s quality service can be seen in its Outstanding mark on none other than Google’s Certified Shopping platform, so rest assured, you’re in safe hands!

Shoppers’ Guide

Drinksupermarket.com voucher code
DrinkSupermarket.com has thousands of reasons to drink up (responsibly, if we may add), and with our DrinkSupermarket.com promo codes offering great discounts on products, that won’t be too much of a challenge. Here’s what you can get when you shop online:


World Whisky Day is celebrated every 20th May, but the Scots love their favoured drink so much they have their own Scotch Whisky Day, which is on the 27th July. Whisky, of course, can be enjoyed any day of the year, and DrinkSupermarket lets you choose your whisky of choice from Scotch single-malt, blended and blended malt. For whisky from the other side of the pond, there’s rye, moonshine, bourbon and Tennessee. There are also international whiskies from Japan, China, Ireland, Canada and Wales—with our discount codes, nothing is going to stop you from trying them all.

Champagne and Sparkling Wine

All champagne is sparkling wine, but connoisseurs will be quick to remind you that not all sparkling wine is champagne. No matter, because you can get both from DrinkSupermarket, which has the bottles to suit all celebrations, from the Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Yellow Label Brut and the Mercier Rose champagnes to the Val D’Oca Extra Dry Prosecco and the Marques De Monistrol Rose Vintage Cava.


It’s never enough to have just one kind of wine, especially since DrinkSupermarket has an extensive line-up of wines that range from white, rosé and red to dessert wines. The company even has sake and umeshu from Japan, mead and tonic wine, mulled wine as well as fruit and ginger wine. Browse DrinkSupermarket’s wine collection today and shop using our voucher codes to enjoy wine’s healthy benefits at wine-tastic prices!


Looking for the green fairy? DrinkSupermarket’s selection of spirits is where you can find the Absinthe that strikes your drinking fancy, as well as the Cachaca, Rum, Brandy, Vodka, Tequila, Pisco or Gin of your dreams. Popular brands under this category include Grey Goose, Johnnie Walker and Ciroc.


Fancy a cocktail or keen on making your own? Stock up on your Sambuca, Amaretto, Schnapps, Limoncello and other liqueurs using our promo codes and it can be cocktail night every night!

Beer and Cider

One look at DrinkSupermarket’s beer and cider list and you’ll agree when we say the company has a massive inventory of beers from around the world. You may find yourself spoilt for choice with its selection of Ciders, Stouts, Wheat Beer, Pilsners, Blonde Ales, Real Ale, India Pale Ale, Dark Beer, Porters, American Pale Ale and Lagers.

DrinkSupermarket also has the mixers and soft drinks you’ll need to make your cocktails all that bit more special. Collectors will also love the big and miniature spirits the company has in store, and don’t forget the Gifts category where you’ll find novelty items and other quirky stuff. Shop today with our DrinkSupermarket.com coupon codes and take advantage of our exclusive offers!

A Cocktail Paradise

DrinkSupermarket’s range of products can make it difficult for anyone to pick just one drink—good thing we have coupon codes that will enable you to have a taste of each!

If you’re a fan of cocktails but have always left the mixing to your favourite bartender—partly because you think it would be expensive to purchase all those liqueurs and mixers and partly because you have never really learned to make one—now is your chance to add “mixing cocktails” to your skillset. Grab our DrinkSupermarket discount codes above and get all the spirits, liqueurs and mixers you need for so much less. Here are five of the most popular cocktails in the world to get you started—we imagine that it won’t be long before you’re mixing great drinks right at your own home bar soon enough.


The perfect drink after a long, hot day, the Mojito is well-known for its cool, minty taste. Made by mixing soda water, lime juice, white rum, sugar and mint and with a low alcohol content, this cocktail will surely make you savour the taste. For that fresh flavour, crush mint leaves instead of cutting them.

Long Island Iced Tea

It may not sound all that potent, but if you’ve had one, you will probably agree that this cocktail packs quite a punch. Fun fact: there really is no tea involved, just tequila, triple sec, gin, vodka, rum and cola, topped off with lemon juice. Fresh lemon juice is best, and as for the other ingredients, you can get them all at DrinkSupermarket.com at a discount when you use our voucher codes above.

Piña Colada

So good it made its way into a song, the Piña Colada is the classic cocktail to mix when you want to
feel like you’re in the tropics in the dead of winter. The concoction is pretty simple: rum, coconut milk and of course, pineapple juice.


Popularised by the American TV series “Sex and the City”, the Cosmopolitan has become a hit among the female crowd looking to lie back with something distinctly feminine and sophisticated. The secret to a great Cosmo is mixing quality cranberry juice, vodka and lime juice with Cointreau Triple Sec, which you can order from DrinkSupermarket at a discount using our coupon codes.

Gin and Tonic

History has it that this classic cocktail was first concocted by the British Army in India some time in the 1800s to fight malaria. Quinine by itself is bitter, so the soldiers found a way to make the medicine go down more easily: they mixed it with gin, sugar and soda water. They enjoyed it so much that they turned it into a regular beverage, and Gin and Tonic was born. It’s now heralded as the quintessential drink of the British Empire. Make your own by mixing one to one part gin to three parts of tonic water and pour over ice. Top it off with a wedge or slice of lime, and give a toast to those innovative soldiers who really knew what they were doing.

Get started by mixing your own cocktails today! Don’t forget to slash the amount you pay for your spirits and mixers by using our DrinkSupermarket.com coupon codes when you order!

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