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Garden Trading was founded in 1994 by Jon Holloway, who had spent 10 years designing products for renowned retailers of home furnishing and accessories. Holloway started the company with the aim of addressing the gap in the UK’s garden and interiors market, particularly for products that were both practical and visually pleasing but not too modern-looking.

With our Garden Trading voucher codes, you can have as much fun as you want decorating your home and garden with pieces that reflect Holloway’s design aesthetic. Garden Trading’s products exude a rustic feel reminiscent of country houses at a time when fast-paced city living was unheard of.

From indoor furniture and storage solutions to garden accessories and tools, Garden Trading has got you covered with its products that you can feel right at home with, nothing too fussy. Its product range features items that you can definitely use without worrying about whether they will get muddied, chipped, cracked or broken—items that are simple but made of good, sturdy quality that will last for years.

Using your Garden Trading coupon codes wisely

Garden Trading voucher code
Garden Trading has a wide range of storage solutions, accessories and lighting options for the garden, kitchen, laundry room and just about anywhere you want to have these stylish and functional items. The company’s lineup features products with classic and clean lines and a soothing, neutral colour palette that includes cream, Dorset blue, white, charcoal, chalk, beech and brown.

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Kitchen – You’ll find an extensive range of practical yet stylish kitchen solutions from Garden Trading, from wine racks and vegetable stores to storage jars and baking equipment. Keeping things neat and tidy in the kitchen is a must, so whenever you’re cooking or baking, you’ll always know where the ingredients and utensils are. Garden Trading has bread bins, canisters, and other food storage bins as well as table top accessories, serving equipment and kitchen utensils, among other kitchen must-haves.

Laundry & Utility – Keep your home stylishly clutter-free by purchasing laundry room and utility items using voucher codes. With Garden Trading’s laundry baskets, you’ll keep piles of dirty clothes out of sight. Other household items you can find are vases, jugs, mirrors, clocks, cushions, rugs and a lot more. If you have a fireplace, Garden Trading has all the fireside essentials you’ll need, including holders and boxes for logs, fire buckets, pokers and forks, fire screens, shovels, coal tongs and many more—perfect for those chilly nights.

Garden – Whether you’re just starting out with a pocket garden or on a quest to transform your lawn into a beautiful garden paradise, you’ll find everything you need at Garden Trading. The company has pots and planters of all sizes, colours and shapes along with potting tables, watering cans and garden accessories and storage solutions. Invite nature in with one or more of Garden Trading’s bird feeders and animal houses, and apply coupon codes to get all the gardening tools you need at big discounts.

Furniture & Storage – For that warm, homey and rustic feel, you’ll never go wrong with Garden Trading’s collection of indoor furniture and storage solutions. The company has furniture both for indoor and outdoor use, so you can take your breakfast and afternoon tea in your garden dining set. The company also has dual-purpose benches that you can store books, magazines and other knickknacks in.

Lighting – Lighting plays a big part in setting a certain mood and adds charm to any room or outdoor space. Take your pick from Garden Trading’s wide range of indoor lighting options, such as pendant lighting, floor lamps, table lamps, porch lights, lanterns and even candles for that warm, romantic glow.

You can also choose products based on the material, which includes leather, coated steel, granite, wirework, glass and rattan. Don’t forget to use Garden Trading coupon codes to score great bargains on the company’s stylishly functional products!

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If you’re looking for something that will add charm to any area while serving a purpose, you may want to check out Garden Trading’s collection of kitchen, household and garden tools, storage solutions and accessories. Adding that bit of accent doesn’t cost much either, especially if you take advantage of the company’s offers and apply discount codes on your purchases upon checkout.
outdoor furniture
Garden Trading lets you achieve a special rustic look and feel that can be applied to any space, even when you’re in the heart of a busy city. The company’s products can easily fit into any existing interior design, so you don’t have to do anything drastic like a complete makeover—unless of course you become completely enamoured by Garden Trading’s collection, in which case you’ll need to use all the voucher codes we can give you. It’s perfectly understandable, especially when you see all of the high-quality and stylish items you can use all around your home.

You’ll no doubt find it difficult to stop yourself from buying the company’s entire collection (even if you don’t have a garden!), and that’s why we strongly suggest using one or more of the Garden Trading voucher codes we have available for you, so you can shop to your heart’s content while getting instant savings on your purchases.

Garden Trading takes pride in its products that are not only built to stand the test of time but also come with great value, making sure that customers receive only the best products at the lowest possible prices. Customers can also share Garden Trading’s products by purchasing gift vouchers they can send to friends and loved ones.

These vouchers would be the perfect birthday, housewarming or wedding gift, because recipients will be able to choose the items they need in the colour and material they want. It saves you time and money, because you’ll be sure they will be choosing something they can actually use!

Garden Trading has a year-round sale on selected items but these products’ reduced prices are for a limited time only, so hurry and grab those coupon codes so you don’t miss out on these special offers! You stand to get up to 20% off on products and if you want to get them before others snap them all up, then you’d better act fast.

If you’ve always wanted to transform your home into something that exudes a warm country charm, look no further than Garden Trading’s collection of wooden furniture sets, shelving, benches and storage boxes to get you started. Pick out accessories as you go, and don’t forget to enter Garden Trading promo codes to apply fantastic discounts on your homemaking project.

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