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IPSL are specialists in wall and ceiling panels (as well as some flooring). These panels are designed to be an alternative to traditional wall, ceiling and floor coverings such as tiles.

Common applications are in bathrooms, shower enclosures and in kitchens. The panels come in a variety of sizes which make up the different brands we offer, namely: Aquaclad, Aquabord, Proclad, Dumawall, and Aquafloor.

All our products are 100% waterproof and have the advantage over tiles in being easy to DIY install.  We offer more than 70 designs, and our main products are offered in bundles for both 2 and 3 wall shower enclosures.

Why Join us?

  • 6% commission
  • Average sale value £300 (excluding samples sold at £2.50 each)
  • Growing market
  • 45% year on year increase in online sales
  • More than 70,000 website visits per month through PPC and organic traffic.
  • Free delivery offered.
  • 9.4/10 Trust Rating


PLEASE NOTE: we only deliver our products to customers within the United Kingdom.

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