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Monster Pet Supplies is an online store that offers a wide range of pet care products at affordable prices. Its product range covers food and accessories for dogs, cats, small pets such as gerbils, fish, birds and horses. The company offers up to 40% off on products from major industry brands such as Royal Canin, Iams, Pro Plan and many more through its Monster Pet Supplies voucher codes.

Customers and their pets love Monster Pet Supplies because of its wide variety of products, easy ordering process, convenient repeat delivery service and personalised shopping experience. No wonder the company has a 5-star rating on independent market research site Trustpilot. It also scores a high 9.4 out of 10 when it comes to customer satisfaction, and we’re certain you’ll enjoy the same quality service as well.

At Monster Pet Supplies, UK orders exceeding £29 in total are entitled to free next-day delivery. That’s an easy bill to fill once you see everything the company has in store for your beloved pet. This one-stop-shop carries pet food, flea treatments, beds, toys, treats and more. Order online and we’ll throw in big savings for you—just use our promo codes below!

Shoppers’ Guide

Monster Pet Supplies voucher code
Monster Pet Supplies has everything you need to keep your beloved pet healthy and happy. Shop using our discount codes and you can spoil them rotten as often as you like! Here are just some of the things you can find at Monster Pet Supplies.

For dogs
The company has a full range of supplies for pups of all ages, from accessories such as collars and thermal beds to grooming supplies and dog food, which comes in different varieties and flavours. You can also use our Monster Pet Supplies coupon codes to purchase supplements and treatments for your dog. Top brands in this category include James Wellbeloved, Beta, Royal Canin and Pro Plan.

For cats
You can be in your furry masters’ good graces when you give them only the best things the world has to offer, in the form of quality cat food, accessories and health care products. Choose from dry, wet and raw cat food, treats, cat beds, scratching posts, litter trays, flea and tick treatments as well as vitamins.

For small pets
Monster Pet Supplies also carries products for cute little furries such as gerbils, chinchillas, rats, ferrets, guinea pigs, mice and rabbits. Aside from food, the company offers hygiene products, worming treatments, grooming essentials, bedding, hay and forage materials, hideaways and hutches as well as toys. Apply our promo codes upon checkout and receive great deals on small pet products from Oxbow, Mayfield, Burgess, Supreme and Mr. Johnsons.

For fish
Whether you have a small aquarium or a garden pond, Monster Pet Supplies has what you need to make sure you are able to maintain the best environment for your cold-water and tropical fish. Get discounts on your fish tank filters, pond flakes, gravel, ornaments, pumps, water treatments and other fish-y things when you shop using our coupon codes!

For birds
Bird people know how important it is to make sure their winged babies get the right nutrition and supplies, and this is where Monster Pet Supplies excels. Whether you have a coop of chickens or a pair of canaries, you’ll be sure to give your feathered beauties what they need. The company stocks a variety of chicken supplies, wild bird food and feeders, landing platforms, disinfectants, as well as pigeon supplies and nutritional supplements, among other avian wellness products.

For horses
Monster Pet Supplies has the basic essentials for horses. In addition to treats and licks, the company also has wormers, supplements, hoof care products and fly repellents to make sure your horse is always healthy. There are also wears and rugs, stable and yard equipment and cleansers as well as grooming supplies to make sure your horse is ready to be shown off in all his or her glory.

Ready to go shopping for your pet? Don’t forget to pick up our Monster Pet Supplies promo codes so you don’t miss out on the latest deals!

Fun Couponing Facts

cat in chair
Cats and dogs are the top two pets in most homes in the UK. Many pet owners struggle with fleas and worms that attach themselves to their pets, so it’s great that Monster Pet Supplies carries flea, tick and worming treatments for cats and dogs that you can purchase at discounted prices using coupon codes.

According to vets, kittens and puppies have to be wormed regularly from an early age. Older pets also need to be treated regularly. Pet owners can do some preventive maintenance to keep the baddies away, such as cleaning bedding regularly, vacuuming furniture and applying flea repellent powder and other anti-flea and tick supplies, available at discounted prices with our Monster Pet Supplies voucher codes.

Your vet may provide you with prescriptions for medication to treat a serious onset of fleas and ticks or another ailment. You can order your prescription products from Monster Pet Supplies provided you are able to email the Monster team with a scan or clear photograph of your pet’s prescription so they can prepare your order.

You will also need to pop a hard copy of your prescription in the post to the company’s administrative office in Leeds. Once Monster Pet Supplies receives it, your order will be delivered right away. Do note that most prescriptions have a six-month validity after issuance, so you have to make sure that you use your prescription within the validity period, just like our limited-time offer discount codes.

For pets that require long-term treatment, veterinarians may allow repeat prescriptions. Monster Pet Supplies can take this into consideration and keep your prescription on file so you won’t have to provide the company with a new one in your subsequent order.

Aside from prescription medications, Monster Pet Supplies also lets you choose items for repeat delivery. With this service, you can make sure you pet’s food bowl is always topped up!

The company’s repeat order service lets you choose your pet’s favourite food products and schedule them to be sent to you every month or over another time interval that you specify (ie. two or three months). This service means you won’t have to rush online or to the pet store to get pet food once you run out of your dog’s favourite dry kibble.

Aside from convenience, you also get a 10% discount on your first repeat delivery order. Monster Pet Supplies will also ensure that you receive the best deal there is on the day of the delivery.

Make sure you make the most of this service and other great deals when you shop using our Monster Pet Supplies coupon codes today!

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