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Smart Protein is an online sports nutrition brand that aims to support its customers’ active lifestyles by providing informative articles, training plans, healthy recipes, nutrition strategies and quality products. Whether you’re a beginner figuring out what training regime is best for you or a seasoned fitness buff, you’ll find what you need at Smart Protein, and you’ll also save money on products when you shop using our Smart Protein discount codes.

Smart Protein puts pride into its products and guarantees that they are “value-engineered”, which means its powders and other supplements aren’t over-engineered with unnecessary ingredients in measly amounts and fillers to bulk packages up. This ultimately translates to products having the lowest possible price—nothing fancy, just the core nutrients that you’ll ever need.

With the wide variety of products in Smart Protein’s range, customers can tailor their fitness and nutrition plans to fit their own personal goals. The company believes there is no single approach for everyone, and that’s why an expert team is there to help customers figure out which formulations and ingredients will help them achieve their goals.

Shoppers’ Guide

Smart Protein voucher code
With more than 10 years of experience in the sports supplements industry, Smart Protein has become a trusted brand that knows what works and what doesn’t. This can be seen in the company’s product line-up, which features only the best sports nutrition goods in the UK. We’ve come up with a round-up to give you a better idea of what you can get using our Smart Protein voucher codes.


Whey protein is a must-have when you’re aiming to achieve muscle growth, better performance and active recovery. Smart Protein has a wide range of protein shakes, whey protein powder, diet whey, protein isolate, and its best-selling Supreme Mass, which helps in adding lean muscle mass. Use our exclusive coupon codes to get discounts on your protein orders plus a free shaker!

Weight Loss

Even with a regular workout routine it can be difficult to lose excess weight and keep it off, so let Smart Protein help you with its line-up of weight loss supplements. These include metabolism-boosters such as caffeine tablets, carb-cutters such as its Diet Protein Fusion as well as fat-burners in the form of green tea tablets. Smart Protein also has tablets and powders that have branched chain amino acids or BCAA, which help in muscle recovery for lean muscle growth. Remember, the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn!

Mass Building

Bulking up? You’ll need to make sure you stimulate muscle growth in your resistance training. Get our promo codes today and score great deals on Smart Protein’s bulk-gaining powders and shakes that have been formulated to help you gain muscle mass the healthy way. The company also offers a testosterone-boosting supplement called Testofuze, which supports the body’s immune system, muscle development and bone production processes.

Strength and Power

Once you start with your training regimen, you have to keep going no matter how difficult it gets. That’s the only way you’ll see progress, so make sure you equip your body with supplements that boost energy levels, increase lean muscle mass, maintain improvement and of course, augment recovery so you can train more and get the best results. Our voucher codes can give you cash back every time you purchase Smart Protein’s Elite Whey, Optimum Whey or the Synthesize All-In-One Growth Powder.

Diet Pills and Multivitamins

Smart Protein’s range of diet pills and multivitamins will take care of every nutritional requirement. These come in a variety of sizes and include Performance Creatine Tablets and Beta-alanine amino acids to support effective muscle growth.

Aside from applying our voucher codes to get you the best deals, you can also get discounts on your sports supplements when you buy the company’s bundle packages. These bundles are tailored to specific fitness goals, such as mass gain, weight loss and increasing the growth of lean muscle. Shop today and save money off your orders using our Smart Protein discount codes.

What are people saying?

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Smart Protein aims to provide premium supplements that customers can actually enjoy consuming (read: taste great)—is it successful in this regard? Are Smart Protein’s products really as good as the company says they are? Let’s tune in to an expert review to find out.

One fitness buff was able to try out the vanilla and chocolate flavours of the company’s best-selling Optimum Whey Protein, which contains whey protein concentrate that the body can easily absorb. The concentrate is mixed with a fast-acting whey isolate and hydrolysate, which according to her makes the product a good drink to refresh yourself with after a workout.

The reviewer notes that the Optimum Whey Protein pack she got has around 23 grams of protein with only 1.6 grams of fat and 2 grams of carbohydrates, an ideal formulation for those who want to achieve lean muscle growth. For its price, it also offers great value for money, and customers can even land a bigger bargain when they use Smart Protein promo codes, like she did. The savings get even bigger the more you buy, she says, citing the company’s bundle packages.

Now, for the taste. Many supplement companies have failed to consider the taste when it comes to formulating their protein powders, not so with Smart Protein. According to the reviewer, she highly recommends the Optimum Whey Protein in both the chocolate and vanilla flavour, as these are some of the best-tasting protein shakes she has ever tried, with no smell or unpleasant aftertaste.

According to her, the powder mixed well, resulting in a nice smooth beverage that was easy to knock back. While she was not really a fan of vanilla in general, she found Smart Protein’s vanilla protein drink to be quite enjoyable and would be happy to have it again—after all, it’s good to have a change from chocolate every now and then. She is also thinking of using the protein powder in baking to see how it works with her favourite treats.

The chocolate, of course, stands out as a clear winner in the taste category. You can get your own chocolate-flavoured protein powder from the list of bestsellers—let our promo codes lead the way!

The expert reviewer also commends how easy it was to order from the Smart Protein website and how fast they deliver—she received her order less than 24 hours after confirming it!

Get your own Optimum Whey Protein and other supplements today. Use our Smart Protein voucher codes to get a 10% discount and a free shaker on your first order!

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