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Waitrose voucher codes

Live Waitrose promo and discount codes for 2017

Waitrose is one of the largest British supermarket chains, known for having a royal warrant to supply wine, spirits and groceries to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. This says a lot about its reputation and quality of its products. But you don’t have to be royalty to be able to purchase your own groceries from the company—just grab our Waitrose voucher codes to get you started!

Part of Waitrose’s proceeds are given to local charities that customers choose through its Community Matters scheme. Waitrose touts its long-term partnerships with suppliers and farmers to build sustainable relationships, support fair trade and lessen its environmental impact.

Waitrose offers an extensive range of products to meet consumers’ nutritional needs, with plenty of healthy options to choose from. There are more than a thousand listings on its site that fall under several categories, from fresh vegetables to household items. Delivery is free when your online order reaches at least £60, and you’ll also get opportunities to save on subsequent orders with our specially marked promo codes.

Shoppers’ Guide

Waitrose voucher code
Waitrose is your one-stop shop for grocery, bread, wine, pet care and household essentials. It actually has a number of specialty websites under its umbrella: aside from Groceries, there’s Entertainment, Cellar, Gifts, Florist, Garden, Pet and Kitchen.

We’ve come up with a handy overview of what Waitrose has in its virtual aisles so you’ll know where to use those Waitrose coupon codes. Let’s begin!

Fresh & Chilled – Let’s head to the section where you can find the freshest produce straight from the farm and sea. Here’s where you can get nutritious veggies and fruits, as well as fish, seafood, meat, chicken and poultry. If you’re keen on making a salad or pizza with fresh herbs, you can get the ingredients you need from Waitrose. Dairy items such as milk, eggs, cheese and butter can also be found here. Staying off meat? Waitrose has plenty of vegetarian options to choose from. And if you’re pressed for time, you can grab a bunch of Waitrose’s easy-to-cook meals and food-to-go items along with quiches, pies and savoury snacks! Don’t forget to head to the virtual chiller for your smoothies, juice and other favourite drinks.

Bakery – You can buy the best breads from around the world at Waitrose. If you love your carbs, grab those coupon codes now and go gaga over the company’s rolls, bagels and wraps, as well as its ciabatta, baguettes and other continental breads. Have your fill of its crumpets, croissants, muffins, cakes, tarts, cookies and other pastries perfect for teatime or any time at all.

Frozen – Most of the items in the frozen section are similar to those in the bakery and the fresh & chilled section, only they’re well, kept in a condition that will make them last until they’re ready for your chopping board or oven. Of course, if it’s dessert you’re looking for such as frozen yogurt, sorbets and ice cream, then you’re in the right place!

Food Cupboard – Everything you can think of that you can find in a kitchen or pantry cupboard, you can find in Waitrose: cereals, jam, crisps, sweets, biscuits, sugar, flour, condiments and pickle jars are just some of the items you can purchase with our discount codes to fill your own cupboards.

Tea, Coffee & Soft Drinks – Get your everyday drinking staples from this section, which includes hot chocolate, juices, bottled water, tonic and cordials.

Beer, Wine & Spirits – Shop where the queen shops for her wine. Beer, cider, champagne, liqueurs and other spirits can also be had here, as well as glassware for all those cocktails you plan on mixing.

Household – Waitrose’s non-food section is where you can get household items such as candles, bin bags, detergents, toilet rolls and food storage solutions.

Waitrose also has categories that cover toiletries and other health and beauty items, as well as products for infant and child care. It also has a pet section, an organic shop, a world foods section and a newsagents category for your magazine, newspaper and stationery needs.

Have you got your virtually bottomless cart ready? Then start shopping today and don’t forget to use our Waitrose voucher codes at checkout to get big discounts on your groceries!

Fun Couponing Facts

woman purchasing online
If you’ve ever done your shopping during a holiday weekend, then you probably have experienced difficulty manoeuvring a heavy cart amidst the crowd, jostling other customers at the special offers aisle, getting your toes rolled on by your own trolley, queuing up for ages at the checkout and hauling all those groceries back to your car and from your car to your kitchen.

When you do your shopping online using our Waitrose discount codes, you’ll have none of these annoying experiences—ever. Being able to shop from home (or anywhere you may be) is also important for those who are physically incapable of going to a physical store to get what they need, such as the elderly or those without a car.

Here are some of the other benefits you can get from shopping at Waitrose online!

You can pick your own offers.

With Waitrose, you can choose 10 products and you can get 20% off those items every time you shop. You can even change your selected offers up to 10 times a month! All you need to do is register for an account and get buying.

You can get free delivery and discounts on your orders.

Every time you spend £60 or more on your grocery orders at Waitrose, you automatically get your items delivered at no extra cost. You also get free delivery and money off your future orders with a minimum spend of £100 using our coupon codes.

You manage your time.

Shopping online means you won’t have to waste precious time going to the store, walking up and down aisles looking for the items you need and then queuing up at the till—you’ll have more time for more important things, such as spending more time with family and friends or exploring a new hobby. You can also shop anytime and “stay” in the virtual store as long as you want—there are no closing times!

You get access to online promos.

The special promo codes we have for you can only be used for online shopping, which means you won’t get the specified offers and big discounts when you shop in-store. It’s also very easy to get access to these promos—just check out our voucher codes!

You avoid impulse buys.

It happens a lot to many people: they try to look for a particular item but end up buying two or more completely unrelated items, forgetting that the reason why they have a shopping list is to stay on track. Shopping online helps you stick to your budget because simply typing in the search bar will bring up the items you need.

You can use filters to search for products.

Product categories, sorting options and search filters will also make it easier for you to locate items based on need (organic, for instance) and price (lowest to highest).

As you can see, grocery shopping can be an enjoyable and a hassle-free experience when you do it online. Use our Waitrose coupon codes and you can get significant savings as well!

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